Who Is yargi?

  • name
  • birthdate
    69 BC
  • Sign
  • dream job
  • favorite Musician
    Nicki Minaj
  • favorite Writer
  • Favorite Stand Up Comedian
  • If you could have any super power what would it be?
    Ugly for a day
  • coffee order
    latte; 8 shots, 3.5 pumps caramel
  • Morning or night?
    Most productive during witching hours
  • something on your bucket list
    Smoke a cig inside the white house
  • If you went to the olympics, what would it be for?
    Making an ass of myself
  • what is a book you would love to read
    I've read every book but probably the Quran front to back
  • a piece of art that inspires you
    Any reflective surface
  • world peace or saving the planet
    Saving the planet to be rich and famous
  • if you could ask any person living or dead one question, what would it be and who would you ask
    "Will you marry me" to the CEO of Costco
  • who inspires you most right now?
    Beyoncé and Shakira in 'Beautiful Liar'
  • Movies you think people should watch
    School of Rock (2003); Scream (1996); They Live (1988); Bus Stop (1956); Zola (2021)
  • Books to get to know you better
    "The Wisdom of Life" by Arthur Schopenhauer (1851)
    "Strange Weather in Tokyo" by Hiromi Kawakami (2001)
    "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? ( And Other Concerns )" by Mindy Kaling (2011)
  • 3 words to describe yourself
    Cottages, Cleavage, Clever
  • guilty pleasure
    Buying things with no mind to price or function/beef jerky